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Since January 2020, the first ComSos SOFC module, provided by Sunfire GmbH, the German SOFC manufacturer in the project, started its operation.

The first installation, serving an industrial customer in the Asian market, located in Taiwan, has a nominal size of 25 kW and produces clean electrical and thermal energy with high efficiency.

This is the first installation which launches the ComSos goal, a worldwide program of SOFC installations developed by three EU SOFC producers, following the project’ milestones whose aim is to test the efficiency of the fuel cell technology in the non-residential building sector (commercial area, science centres, swimming pools, hotels, etc.).

ComSos – Commercial-scale SOFC systems – is an EU funded project aimed to validate and demonstrate fuel cell based combined heat and power solutions in the mid-sized power ranges of 10-12 kW, 20-25 kW, and 50-60 kW, referred to as Mini FC-CHP. The outcome will give proof of the superior advantages of such systems, underlying business models, and key benefits for the customer. The technology and product concepts have been developed in Europe under supporting European frameworks such as the FCH-JU.

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The first ComSos SOFC module is running in Taiwan
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