ComSos - Commercial-scale SOFC systems - is an EU funded project aimed to validate and demonstrate fuel cell based combined heat and power solutions in the mid-sized power ranges of 10-12 kW, 20-25 kW, and 50-60 kW, referred to as Mini FC-CHP. The outcome gives proof of the superior advantages of such systems, underlying business models, and key benefits for the customer. The technology and product concepts, in the aforementioned power range, has been developed in Europe under supporting European frameworks such as the FCH-JU.

Technology in renewable energy has already led to many innovations in business models, products, and solutions

Tulsi Tanti

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ComSos - Commercial-scale SOFC systems - is a 42-months project (2018-2020) with a budget of EUR 10.2 million, granted EUR 7.4 million under the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme. The project coordinated by VTT has the following partners: Convion Oy Finland, Sunfire GmbH, Germany, SOLIDpower SpA Italy, Politecnico di Torino Italy, Blueterra The Netherlands, HTceramics SA Switzerland.