A new  video infographic explains the advantages of the system for different kind of business with short stories has now available!

This second video is focusing on Commercial sites with a leading actor, Joe. The protagonist has decided to install a fuel cell cogeneration system in his burger house

Let’s discover more in the video.

Why should Joe install a fuel cell cogeneration system in his burger house? Let’s discover the answer through the video!

Solid Oxide Fuel Cell technology is an innovative solution for small-medium commercial sites like restaurants to cover their electrical and thermal needs with zero emissions to the atmosphere.

SOFC systems are well suited for small-medium commercial and retail activities where a constant electricity requirement is found: the SOFC can work continuously 24/7 and can guarantee a reliable electricity and heat production with a very high electrical efficiency (>50%) and zero pollutants emissions to atmosphere (SOx, NOx, PM) helping to increase the air quality in polluted urban areas while generating a saving in the owner’s electricity bill.



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